And for my next act...

Life is a journey, and each of us follows our own path. For some time, my path has needed some new scenery, new challenges. I’ve been doing the same work for many years – and doing it well – but the magic faded long ago.


So I’m embarking on my next act, a quest for multiple roles that are challenging and fulfilling, that reflect my varied interests and visions, that make me happy! What those will be I’m not sure. I’m pretty open. But I do know they won’t be posted on LinkedIn or Indeed. I’m interested in those roles you see when someone is profiled on the local news and you think, “Damn, that’s a cool job!”


I’m more than a set of skills that will fit the slots of an HR hiring algorithm. I’m a multidimensional, multitalented being with much to offer. I’m looking to roll up my sleeves and be involved in situations where the whole person is valued. Because that’s when special things happen.   


This site presents me in all of my dimensions. Feel free to explore, poke around. If you’re intrigued, if you think I might be a good fit for your project, idea, or organization, let’s talk. Not through devices, but as people, face-to-face. Let’s discover our synergies. Unleash serendipity. Discuss vision and impact and fun. Let’s see where our paths converge – and how we can do great things together. 


 part-time, collaboration, new initiatives 

 fostering meaningful social benefits 

 antidotes to "digital" experiences 

 creating new things/sense of ownership 

 opportunities to learn and grow 

 multidimensional, dynamic activities 

 travel and exploration 

 human connection and interaction 

 generating and implementing ideas 

 heart and humor and fun 

Let's connect.




 creative, critical and strategic thinking 

 solid interpersonal and storytelling skills 

 passion for people achieving their potential 

 seeing around corners and "what if" visioning 

 intellectual curiosity and continuous learning 

 problem solver with a creator's mindset 

 strong research and resource acquisition 

 results orientation and focus on outcomes 

 high standards and personal integrity 

 heart and humor and fun