And So the Journey Begins...

People who know me understand that I’ve felt “stuck” for a long while. In need of major change in my life. Actually, make that changes, plural. So after much bitching and moaning and research and self-reflection – it’s time to put one foot in front of the other and walk boldly over the horizon to ... whatever’s waiting for me there.

This is often referred to as the “second act” – when people at middle age make a sharp left turn and pursue totally different chapters in their lives or careers. I’m calling this my next act because it feels like I’ve already had more than one.

For the past ten years I’ve had a unique act as mentor and dad to a teenager half a world away in South Africa. It’s been life changing for us both, and I’m working on a book about the experience. (Best-selling author will eventually be another next act for me!)

I devoted a lot of energy to guiding my son, but he’s an adult now. He’s forging his own independent path, and I recognize it’s time for me to step back – hoping that all my wisdom and support will be put to good use.

So now I’m free to create my next act. Exactly what that will be is a mystery; I’m interested in so many things. The main section of this website presents a portfolio of me to spur conversations that might lead to new work situations. Collaborative projects. Groundbreaking endeavors. Fun and excitement and fulfillment.

I’m taking this approach because the primary driver for my next act is happiness. I’m much more than a collection of skills on a resume. I’m a multidimensional person – and for me the key to happiness is finding situations where all (or at least many) of my dimensions fit comfortably with the tasks and roles and people that comprise my work life.

This blog will share my “next act” journey to inform and inspire others who are on the same path – or are thinking about taking the leap. I don’t have all the answers. Actually, I don’t have any answers at this point. But I’ll share what I find out from talking with organizations that are involved in this transition stuff ... people who successfully created their own next act ... and folks who are doing work that I find intriguing.

I have no idea what’s ahead – but I love exploring, learning, and growing. So join me. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. And I got running shoes on!


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