In Search of Amazing

I went to a great bicycle shop today for a couple of quick fixes on my beloved old Nishiki. The middle-aged guy at the service counter asked how I was doing and I said, “Good, how you doing?” He replied, “Amazing! I work in a toy store!” He grinned and pointed to all the new bikes and equipment around him. I laughed – and felt a little envious.

That’s what I want. Not to work in a toy store, but to feel amazing when I’m at work. Everyone should feel that way. Well, if not ‘amazing,’ then people should at least feel happy and energized and fulfilled by their work.

That’s why I’m on a quest to find and create my next act. Because I have some mad skills and a boatload of interests – and big ideas and visions about what I want to accomplish and how doing so will make me (and hopefully some other people, too) feel, well, amazing.

My work “toy shop” wouldn’t be filled with bikes. On the standard work-focus tests I lean much more towards ideas and people than things. So my toy shop would include cool people, creative projects, mind-stretching discussions, outdoor experiences, human connections, storytelling, discovery, meaning, learning, healing, impact. Okay, maybe some art and culture stuff. Oh, and food.

So a lot of the things in my work toy store couldn’t actually be seen – but you get the picture. Diverse roles and experiences that involve these things would make me quite happy – and lead to fantastic results.

Thinking about my bike shop buddy’s attitude, a familiar T-shirt saying popped in my head: “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” I think a better saying is, “Life is short. Make it amazing!”

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